Students Everywhere Demand Tighter Gun Controls

As many know, on Wednesday February 14th, 2018, a nineteen year-old gunman entered a high school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, killing seventeen people. Students everywhere have been pushing for tighter gun controls.

I am a high school student, and I am sad to say that every day when I walk into school, I fear that something like this will happen to my school. I leave school every day, relieved that I’ve made it out.

At school, the day after the events on Wednesday, I was afraid to get out of my chair to let a student who had gone to the bathroom back into the classroom, out of fear that it could be someone else.

After the event, I, and many others were immediately tweeting for tighter gun control laws; many of us under the age of 18 — not even eligible to vote. The only thing we heard from our “leaders” was the phrase, “Prayers and condolences,” as though that would make a change.

Although no one can change what happened to not only Douglas High School, but to Columbine, Sandy Hook, Marshall County, and many others, we can change what happens next.

It wasn’t until after school on Thursday that my mom and I had a more in depth talk about everything that had happened. We had spoken briefly about it on Wednesday, but shared more of our thoughts on Thursday.

She said to me, “All this time, I thought my generation was the revolution, but after seeing all these kids speaking up, I realize, it’s you guys.”

We don’t need to arm school staff, and we definitely don’t need to send “thoughts and prayers.” What we need is better control over who can own a gun. No one needs a semi-automatic weapon on their person. Guns were made to injure and kill, and for a nineteen year old boy to be able to possess such a machine, but not be able to buy a drink is baffling.



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