Crisis in Puerto Rico

It’s been over a week since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. The entire island and its infrastructure have been destroyed by this storm, not to mention it was recovering from Hurricane Irma, which had landed four days before.

And while this island is in a complete crisis, Donald Trump is tweeting about football.

For the last week, while Puerto Rico has been trying to recover from this massive storm, Trump has been complaining about football. He did take a break from his incredibly presidential twitter ranting to let everyone know that, “This is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean, a really, really big ocean.” He also tweeted that the island is in “deep trouble” because it was “already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt.”

This story is newsworthy because it affects all of Puerto Rico. People died and more people will die if we do not help them. This is a humanitarian crisis in the making. A natural disaster is not the fault of the region it hits or the people in that region, and what the people of Puerto Rico need now is immediate action from those who are able to help. There is a collection point for donations for hurricane relief at Wings book store in Saint Petersburg, Florida, and they are collecting between now and Sunday for a shipment to San Juan.

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All About Mrs. Ruiz!

Chrismarie Morales Ruiz has been teaching at Bloomingdale High School for eight years, and is currently teaching Marine Science and Biology.

She decided to become a teacher when she was a senior in college, and applied to a program in New York to start teaching, soon returning to Florida to teach. “I think teaching found me,” said Mrs. Ruiz.

With passion for helping kids, she mentioned that many of the jobs she did throughout high school and college were education-oriented. She has high hopes for her students, caring deeply for their success and their views on science. “I’m hoping that they (students) will walk away (from my class) liking science, or loving science, more than when they entered the class.” Said Mrs. Ruiz.

“Because a lot of kids will say that they’re not good at science, or that science is boring, so I try to make it interesting at times. Sometimes it’s not going to be as exciting because of what we have to cover, but hopefully, when we can do more exciting things, it engages (the students) and brings them into liking science.”

One thing she would change about teaching/schools would be to have less standardized testing. “Not everybody performs well on tests and may have a lot of anxiety, which may affect their performance.”

She mentioned doing a portfolio to go along with the test, to hopefully show what a student could do without the stress that comes with standardized testing.

“I understand why we have to do standardized testing because there are so many kids that we have to test, but if there was a different method for them to show what they had learned that year, versus just that one test … when they’re so stressed out that one bad day could affect their performance, that might help.”

If Mrs. Ruiz wasn’t teaching, she says that, “Now, I would be a stay at home Mom since I’m expecting … that’s for sure.” She rubbed her belly as she said this, a proud smile on her face. “I used to say, ‘Oh, maybe I’ll be a doctor!’ But, now my priorities have changed a bit since this little guy will be here soon.”

Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria has begun to hit Puerto Rico, already leaving at least six people dead. As of now, the entire island has no power. The roofs of homes and shopping centers have been blown off by these harsh weather conditions, and although the storm is supposed to weaken slightly over the next two days, it doesn’t look to be getting much better any time soon.

Rescue and recovery efforts are to be continued and controlled after the storm as well as during. The island is getting generators, mattresses, food and water from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and from others in the private sector, and officials have established a logistics center, which will receive all incoming aid and then distribute it to 12 zones throughout the island.

Not only has the storm hit Puerto Rico, it has also had an impact on the Caribbean, leaving at least 27 dead, as well as 15 deaths in Dominica; 3 in Haiti, 2 in Guadeloupe; and 1 in the Dominican Republic. Some elderly residents had been found in rural areas without food and necessary medication. Early reports said that luckily, there was minimal damage done to the Dominican Republic. The situation is under control despite harsh wind and rain.

The recovery of this storm will be incredibly difficult and time consuming, but with the help of officials and volunteers, those places affected by these harsh weather conditions can return to normal.


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Hailey Ragan

Motivated and Passionate, Hailey Ragan is working hard to find her path and purpose in life. She is passionate about helping others and claims, “it just comes easily to me.”

She is motivated and inspired by her dreams and aspirations, which include working with children and helping others. She is interested in learning about the world, mentioning: “I’ve always wanted to travel.” She wants to travel to Paris, Italy, and Hawaii.

She values family and her own success over many things; an admirable characteristic. “In 10 years, I’ll be 26! Woah.” She exasperated after being asked about what she’d like to be doing in 10 years. “I’d like have a family and be working at a good job that I enjoy.” She mentioned her mother as one of her biggest role models.

She struggles in math in school, and has a hard time in sports. She used to dance, but doesn’t anymore and opened up saying “I’m trying to find something to get involved in, but I don’t know what to do.”

She defines “quality” as “something that has a lot of hard work put into it. Ragan is definitely a quality person, seeing that she puts hard work into many of the things she does.

Hurricane Harvey: The Aftermath

This week, Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas. The storm has lead to more than 30 deaths, more than half of these being in Harris County, Texas. On Tuesday, a 3-year-old girl was found alive, clinging to the body of her drowned mother. People were found, floating in waters, in homes or businesses, some in cars. The devastation that this storm has caused will leaving a lasting mark on the lives of many people involved and uninvolved in this storm. Experts say there is some good news, though: They don’t expect the death toll of Harvey to come anywhere close to that of Katrina, where 1,800 people died.But still, the tragic losses of life, homes, businesses and more is going to make a large impact on every aspect of Texas.

I grew up in Texas. I was born in Dallas/Forth Worth and lived there until I was thirteen, so this really hits home. My family and I have been staying updated on the safety of those we love and all who were involved. The storm hit not only Texas, but New Orleans, Louisiana as well. The victims of this tragic event are in my thoughts as the storms continue.

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